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Sales expert was established with the sole purpose of empowering consumers & helping them make more informed decisions in order to buy the right size of solar power systems. 

Sales Expert is headed by some of the very experienced & reputed renewable energy enthusiasts. 

Sales expert is proudly owned & operated by Australians.

How Does Solar Work?

Types of Solar Power Systems:

There are three essential kinds of solar pv systems for anybody getting into sun power to consider. The first & most popular are grid-tied solar systems that add to, or use energy from, the utility grid. These systems would allow you to export excess power produced by your system to the grid & import from the grid when required.

The second is solar panels along with the battery that is intended to give a more independent alternative and the third is off-grid solar pv system that has no association with the Grid.

How Solar Panels work
Solar panels are made of PV cells which convert sunlight energy to Direct Current (DC).
Inverter changes the DC over to Alternative Current (AC).
AC power is shipped off your electric boards to run machines. Electrical board is additionally called the 'breaker box'.
Utility meters estimate your energy use. Your solar panels might create more power than your consumption. With feed in tarif agreementf, you can put this power to the utility grid as opposed to putting it away in batteries.

Do you have further questions or want more clarity on how solar pv systems can help you save money on power bills? Reach out to us & We will walk you through your solar power system buying journey.